Library Board

2023 – 2024 Library Board Members

Morgan Barnes, President
Ann Price, Vice President
Kay Kelley, Board Treasurer
Beth Ronilo, Secretary

Tim Ryan, Member at Large

Board By-Laws

Ballots and Enabling Act

For comments, questions, concerns, please email the library board at

Board Meeting Public Comments Policy

Board Meeting Public Comments Policy Pdf Icon

Any resident whose North Shelby Library District assessment is paid in full may speak for a maximum of two (2) minutes on any Library related subject at any regular Board meeting during the public comments portion of the agenda. A resident with assessments owed or any other attendee may leave written comments to be attached to the minutes.

Anyone who wishes to speak must notify the Library Services Director at  at least four days prior to the meeting so your residence and assessment status may be determined and your name added to the agenda.

Eff. July 17, 2023

NOTE: All meetings are open to the public, but they are not public hearings. 

Kate Etheredge, Library Director 

Library Board Meeting Minutes

Public Comments Policy


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