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Always Remember Why.

Everyone has a different reason for wanting to learn a second language or a third language. Some people may want to learn because their ancestors spoke a certain language, or maybe their spouse speaks a different language. Some people may move to a different country and must learn the native language. Some may learn for work, school, or for ambition. Whatever reason you have for learning another language, one thing is important, and that is to always remember why you’re learning a different. From personal experience I can attest that there are days where I tend to be lazy and not want to put the effort in for my daily study, but more often than not I tend to study anyway and I end up thanking myself afterwards. While I still have a long way to go in my language learning journey, I have noticed the progress that I have made. I suggest to all learners to make note of their progress even if it is a minor progress. One reason I have made this language club is to make sure learners have another method of studying to achieve their goals. I am hoping that everyone can reach their goal no matter what level they hope to achieve.

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