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Kick-off Event

Saturday, November 4th | 10am-3pm | Registration Required

This November 4th, multi-award-winning YA author K. B. Hoyle returns to the North Shelby Library to teach a writing workshop on how to write a novel using the technique known as Literary Alchemy. Based in medieval practices, Literary Alchemy is the use of metallurgical imagery and symbols to instill meaning into a work, and has been practiced by some of the most successful authors of our time--including J. K. Rowling. Hoyle will go over the basics of the three stages of Literary Alchemy, how to structure a novel using this method, and when (and why) you should consider doing so. This workshop will be particularly applicable for the struggling novelist, for those who love literature and method writing, and for writers of speculative genres. Come with pen and paper or a laptop prepared to learn something new and to practice what you learn. 

So come and get inspired by K.B. Hoyle and start/finish that novel. 


We’re excited to be hosting NaNoWriMo Write-Ins this November. Bring your laptop, notebook, or scribe to the library every Monday evening from 4pm-8pm, where we’ll have tables, chairs, outlets, free wifi, and free snacks. Depending on the attendance we'll provide discussion breaks, encouragement, and timed writing sprints.

Get started by creating a free account at where you can join virtual write-ins, track your word count, earn badges, find writing tips, and interact with fellow NaNoWriMo addicts. If you’re looking for time and space to write but don’t want to register as a NaNoWriMo participant, that’s fine too! Free; open to writers of all ages. Questions? Please email .