The North Shelby Library Teen Department and its programming are designed for young adults who are in or entering grades 6 through 12 (typically ages 11-18).  The Library recognizes that many young adults are responsible enough to be in the library without adult supervision. As such, these teens are treated as adult customers by the Library and are supervised minimally even during scheduled programs. Teens may come and go as they please during programs without asking permission or advising librarians of their intended whereabouts. Parents or guardians are not required to stay in the building during teen programs.

In the event that teens are engaging in behavior that is disturbing or harmful to others or the operation of the library, the problem may be discussed with them at the time. If the behavior persists, the teen may be asked to leave.

Parents and guardians should be aware of the library's closing times and make arrangements for their teen to have a ride. At closing time or in the event of an emergency (closing for weather or a power outage), staff will assist young adults in calling a parent or responsible adult to pick them up. A staff member will remain with the teen until they are picked up. The Pelham Police (non-emergency number 205-620-6550) will be asked to assume responsibility for the teen if he/she is not picked up within 30 minutes of closing.