Congratulations to the Winners of the Six Word Story Contest!

Ages 12-14

"Broken Glass Makes a Disco Ball"

Ages 15-18

"Hit the Jump, then the Hospital" - Ethan J.

Ages 19+

"Tired Mom with Loud Toddler Twins." - Kristina G.


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 Ages 12-14

 "Life gives you love keep it."

"I like big, old, fat, butterflys." - Luke

"They lived happily ever after, dead." - Gwynn

"Minecraft can be nothing or everything." - Ryan

"The doctor pronounced herself officially dead." - Maggie

"This time the villans had won." - Sarah

"Toothy grinning looking at me ahhh!"

"Once upon a time, the end." - Claire

"You are good, you are loved." - Laura

"They walked in, then walked out." - Aiden

"Loved by all, all are loved."

"A girl in a big problem." - Sophia

"She said, "Don't forget me, please."" - Saisha

"Last ones left. Death awaits them." - Anna

"Sorry, I was washing my soap." - Beth


 Ages 15-18

 "Adopted by family adopted by God." - Christopher B.

"They found the girl with blood."

 Ages 19+

 "Curious cat cuddled a crying cowboy." - Lydia

"Found a stray. Loved him forever." - Angela

"Crazy cat lady finally proven sane." - Kate

"I prefer my delusions over yours." - Stephanie

"I had worn the wrong shoes." - Deb

"I pronounce you man and...tacos." - Jeff

"There he was. Just looking up." - Tracey

"Jesus told me I should love." 

"Night fell, day breaks, sun shone." - April

"Love is simple, don't do it." - Christian

"Lost turkey becomes a Thanksgiving feast." - Elizabeth

"Wrecked their lives without even knowing." - Brian

"Rain drop my eye." - Vanessa