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Checking Out Materials
Overdue Fines
Payment Policy

Checking out Material


 Loan Time

 Children's Books   14 days
 General Collection   14 days
 Large Print Books   14 days
 Easy Readers   14 days
 Audio Books   14 days
 Magazines   14 days
 New Books no renewals   14 days
 Videos and DVDs Limit 10/no renewals on NEW DVDs  7 days
 Music CDs  7 days
 Non-Fiction Videos  7 days
 Children's Computer Games Limit 3  7 days
 Library Mobile HotSpot no renewals  7 days



You can renew by phone by calling 205.669.3928. To renew online click here to log into your account.  Once you've logged in, click on Items Out and then select the items you wish to renew. OR Call 439-5509 to renew by phone.

Don't know how to log in to renew? Read on:
Once you've clicked on the link to log into your account
Enter your Barcode Number (located on the back of your library card, example- 21726123456789)
Enter your Password
Click on Items Out
Select the items you would like to renew
Click on Renew Selected Items OR Renew All Items
After you have completed your renewals be sure to Log Out.

Return of Materials

Library BOOKS can be returned to any Shelby County Library. All audio, video, games etc must be returned to the branch you checked it out from. North Shelby has a drop box for items during off hours.


Materials in circulation may be requested through our online catalog, by phone at 205.439.5500, or in person at any desk.

In your catalog search results you will see a "Place Request" button under the title.You will be prompted to choose a library location where your item will be held for you and you will receive email notification or an automated phone call that your item is ready for pickup. You have 5 business days to pick up your hold. Information on your requests is also available through your My Account page. Your account page will show the status of your request as "Held" when the item is at your pick up location.

Additional statuses for requests listed in your online account may be 'in transit' (the item is on its way to your pick up location), 1 of 1 holds (you are first on a list of 1 hold) or 2 of 7 holds (you are 2nd on a list of 7 holds).



Overdue Fines

By logging in to your account you can also check the status of your Requests and Fines & Fees.
Don't know how to log in? Click here.


Fee Per Day

 Children's Books  $.10
 General Collection  $.10
 Large Print Books  $.10
 Audio Books  $.10
 Music CDs  $.10
 Magazines  $.10
 New Books  $1.00
 Videos & DVDs $1.00
 Non-Fiction DVDs $1.00
 Children's Video Games $1.00
 Library Mobile HotSpot $2.00

 Replacement costs will be charged for lost or damaged materials.


Replace lost library card: $3.00


Payment Policy

Borrowing privileges will be suspended on any Library Card with $3.00 or more in unpaid charges. Unpaid balances of $ or more will be sent for collection and a collection fee will be charged.


Payment may be made at any circulation desk with cash or a check made payable to the North Shelby Library. We accept Visa and Mastercard.