New Candy Bracket

Take part in our candy bracket to help us determine North Shelby Library patrons' favorite candy and earn chances to win a bag of candy just in time for Halloween!

Register here so we have your contact information:


Round 1 
Sixteen go in, eight come out!

Classic Candy: Voting open October 1-3 

Fruit Candy: Voting open October 2-4

Chocolate Candy: Voting open October 5-7

Chewy Candy: Voting open October 6-8


Round 2
Eight begin, only four move on!

Classic Candy: Voting open October 8-10 

Fruit Candy: Voting open October 9-11

Chocolate Candy: Voting open October 12-14

Chewy Candy: Voting open October 13-15


Round 3
Narrow four choices down to two!

Classic & Fruit Candy: Voting open October 15-17 

Chocolate & Chewy Candy: Voting open October 19-21


Which of the final two in each category will move to the Final Four? 

Classic, Fruit, Chocolate, & Chewy Candy: Voting open October 22-24 


Final Four
The types of candy meet head-to-head.

Voting open October 26-27


Which candy is the best?

Voting open October 28-29