Please read this guideline first:

  • Schedule test at least one week in advance
  • You must know the amount of time allowed for your test
  • Bring a picture ID, student ID, pens/pencils and a basic calculator if required.
  • Verify with both the school and library that all testing materials have been received by the library at least 48 hours prior to your test.
  • $10 proctor charge

 North Shelby Library (NSL) will not accommodate requests for unscheduled proctoring.

The library will:

  • Provide a computer, if needed, for the student to use for online testing.  However, we will not download testing software that is not compatible with our network.
  • Check the student’s photo ID.
  • Forward tests via e-mail or mail.

Limits to Proctoring Service:

  • NSL will not proctor an exam brought in by the student.
  • Testing only occurs during the weekdays Monday – Friday by appointment only.
  • The library does not provide fax services.
  • The library is unable to provide one-on-one monitoring. Proctors will periodically observe the student as time allows. The library cannot proctor tests for institutions that require the proctor to observe the exam in its entirety.
  • Since the test is taken in the public area, the library can not assure against visual or auditory distractions.
  • NSL cannot guarantee that technical problems will not occur when using the library computers.
  • NSL will not be responsible for tests that are interrupted by library emergencies, power failures, or computer issues.
  • NSL will not be responsible for any delayed tests, or for completed tests once they leave the library’s possession and have been sent to the school.
  • If test results/materials are to be returned to the school by mail, NSL will send them promptly but cannot make a guarantee that the testing institution will receive them by a specific date.

For questions, call 205-439-5511 or email

To schedule a proctor session, click here.